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Cool aunts club DTF Transfer Design

DTF transfers are a type of heat transfer produced using a special printer and ink. 

They are also known as direct to film transfers, dream screens, and digital screen print transfers. The transfer design is printed on a pretreated film using high-quality ink. Once the color ink is printed, a second layer of white ink is applied on top. This white underbase allows application to dark colors (unlike sublimation transfers) without sacrificing how vivid the design is.

DTF transfers can be applied to a variety of fabric and substrates such as 100% cotton, canvas, and even wood. The ending result is a soft, stretchable and vivid design that will withstand numerous washing and normal wear. DTF transfers will not fade, peel or crack if applied correctly.  


Size is shown in picture. Please contact here if you would like to purchase in bulk. We offer a generous discount the more you purchase. 

Turn around print time averages 3-5 business days. Weekends & Holidays are not considered business days.

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To apply our DTF transfers to apparel, follow the instructions below:

1. Before applying your DTF transfer, press your item for 7 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

2. Heat your press to 320 F

3. Position the transfer on your t-shirt.

4. Cover with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet.

5. Using heavy pressure (60 psi / 8-9), press the transfer for 15 seconds.

6. After pressing for 15 seconds, open the heat press and remove the shirt from the heat press platen.

7. Allow the transfer to cool (approximately 30-45 seconds or until cool to the touch).

8. Gently remove the film from the shirt. Grab at one corner and slowly pull the film from the design.  Note:  If you notice the image is still attached to the film, stop and return the shirt to the heat press. Repeat the process.

9. Use a cover sheet and repress for 15 seconds.

OPTIONAL:  If you would like to matte the design more, return the t-shirt to the heat press, cover the design with parchment paper, and press for an additional 10 seconds.