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Sublimation is one of the newer garment decoration techniques available to those who have a heat press. There are a few rules one must follow to use, and apply a sublimation transfer:

*Users must ensure the targeted material is at least 50% polyester. Material 100% is the most desirable and will give a vibrant image on the garment. The less polyester percentage the more of a vintage look the garment will have. The garment must also be a lighter color for sublimation. Sublimation cannot print a “white” color therefore must be transferred onto a light colored garment. Black or dark color garments will absolutely not transfer correctly.

*User must use a heat press capable of pressing the entire design onto the garment. It should be all in one press.

*It is recommended the heat press be able to reach and sustain a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. This temperature may vary due to the environment in which the garment is pressed, and the type of material, manufacturer and color of garment used.

*The heat press must also be able to achieve a medium pressure for approximately 60 seconds. Again, these settings may vary from type of material, manufacturer and color of the garment.

*User MUST use butcher or parchment paper as a barrier while transferring the design to prevent the effects of unnecessary ink transfer.

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To apply our DTF transfers to apparel, follow the instructions below:

1. Before applying your DTF transfer, press your item for 7 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture.

2. Heat your press to 320 F

3. Position the transfer on your t-shirt.

4. Cover with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet.

5. Using heavy pressure (60 psi / 8-9), press the transfer for 15 seconds.

6. After pressing for 15 seconds, open the heat press and remove the shirt from the heat press platen.

7. Allow the transfer to cool (approximately 30-45 seconds or until cool to the touch).

8. Gently remove the film from the shirt. Grab at one corner and slowly pull the film from the design.  Note:  If you notice the image is still attached to the film, stop and return the shirt to the heat press. Repeat the process.

9. Use a cover sheet and repress for 15 seconds.

OPTIONAL:  If you would like to matte the design more, return the t-shirt to the heat press, cover the design with parchment paper, and press for an additional 10 seconds.